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I love shopping at Sephora online because you can get so many free samples when you combine your reward points, sample offer, and sample promotion codes. You can even get free deluxe sized samples like this Clinique SuperBalanced Foundation sample without having to use any of your reward points at all.

I tried out two new products for this post. My first of course is the free sample from Clinique and the second is the Allure 2016 foundation brush winner the Sephora PRO Featherweight complexion brush #90. I’ve been on the hunt for a great foundation brush and this may be the key winner.

With this sample you receive a full .24 oz and it has an SPF of 15 (which is good for day to day use). There is no pump to this bottle or the full size version which can be a pain in the neck sometimes. The other down side to getting this product as a sample is that I don’t think I received the correct shade due to my limited options in color selections. I did chose the lightest shade possible Ivory to give it a go and so far it seems to be matching fairly well.

The brush I picked up was the Sephora PRO Feather Weight Complexion Brush number 90. At first glance this brush is super soft, has a nice dome shape to it, and the bristles are packed together on the medium side.

Upon first application I really liked how this felt on my skin, very light weight and it applied with the brush like a dream. It left me with a dewy finish which isn’t my greatest desire and it did eventually dry down after some time. I did end up using a setting powder to speed up the process while getting ready for work.

The brush is super user friendly. I was careful to read the how to instructions online before application to ensure that I was doing it properly (I didn’t do this with one brush and was not happy with the results I received from it). This does give you a super awesome amount of coverage, more so than the Beauty Blender, and is easier to blend than a typical paddle foundation brush and dare I say a Beauty Blender (deep gasp). However, it does eat foundation the way a Beauty Blender does so you will need to wash it after each application.

Throughout the day I kept an eye on how the foundation wore. I have had random issues lately of my foundation either turning into a hot cakey or oily mess (the oily part is so random as I have dry skin). The color did not seem to be an issue as I had anticipated. This seemed to last well through out the first day of about 9 hours, it did tend to feel heavy by the end of the day which is common around the time I take my makeup off.

During my second wear I noticed that the foundation started to turn a little orange which is extremely strange to me as I have never had that happen before. I chalked that up to the foundation being the wrong shade for me. But again the foundation wore well through out the day and I did not encounter any separation or caking around the the nose or mouth.

Survey Says

Clinique SuperBalanced Silk Foundation

In terms of the foundation I did not like how heavy it felt at the end of the day before taking my makeup off. Some nights I go out after work and don’t really want to reapply a whole new face of makeup just because of that. Also no pump and it’s a glass bottle make getting foundation out a little harder than normal.

Sephora PRO Brush #90

The brush only receives 4 stars just for the shear amount of foundation that it eats. I swear when I wash the brush there seems to be no end to the amount of foundation coming out.

What are your thoughts on today’s sample and product test? Have you tried either of these?

6 thoughts on “Clinique Sample

    • ThatsSewJess says:

      It actually comes in several lighter shades however their sample only came in 4. Sephora has a great return policy so if you find a shade and it doesn’t match or work out you can take it back


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