Beauty Blender for Powder Foundation?

During my time off from work I came across this article from Allure “7 Surprising Beauty Blender Facts You Won’t Believe” and item number 5 peeked my curiosity. I began to wonder if you could use a Beauty Blender with a powder foundation. I am all for trying new thing so I went to my beauty counter and decided to test this theory of mine.


I chose to use my BareMinerals Original foundation sample for this test. (Side note: I use to be a long time bareMinerals fan but recently with my new dry skin texture this foundation and I don’t see eye to eye most days.)


After I primed my face with my MUFE Hydrating primer, I dipped my Beauty Blender into the powder foundation and began applying it to one side of my face in a tapping motion much like how the blender directions instruct you to. After a couple dips into the foundation and tapping I present you with the bellow results.


If you look closely you can see that the foundation did apply to the face giving medium coverage however it is very patchy and only applied directly to the areas where you originally touched it. There was no blending or spreading happening here.

I didn’t want to just give up there and decided to take a kabuki brush to try and blend out the foundation, which you can see below.


Again there was no saving this theory because it still staid relatively patchy and uneven. Also if you look closely you can see why I have such a love, hate relationship with this foundation. It grabs at every dry patch there is.

So over all I would not recommend using your Beauty Blender to apply powder foundation. I have not tried other products with the Beauty Blender but I have seen this technique be successful when used for “baking” your under eye concealer.

Let me know below what other products besides liquid foundations, cream contour, and cream blush you have used your beauty blender for. I’d love to hear all of your ideas.

Please note that the original article did not say the Beauty Blender could be used with powder foundation. This post was strictly my own experiment that was inspired by the Allure article. 

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