2016-02-05-08-39-06Hello there!

My name is Jessica and I am thrilled to share with you my trials and tribulations in all things makeup and beauty. Here we will discuss all the makeup samples that I collect from in store purchase along with my personal recommendations and reviews.

My skin type: Normal to dry. I tend to take super hot showers and there for it tends to dry out my skin. I am trying to break this terrible habit but it is a bit of a comfort for me. Also my lips tend to be really chapped and I am working on a cure for that as well. I break out around my chin every month.

Color: I am pale but can tan if I’m constantly out in the sun all summer. My current Make Up For Ever shade is 115. I typically purchase Ivory or Light colored foundations and concealers.

Eye Color: They are 3 colors Blue, Green, with a hazel rim around the pupil so depending on what color my top is or eye shadow depends on if my eyes are blue or green.

Favorite Lip Colors: I tend to go towards the nudey pinks or red reds. My current favorite red is by NARS called Cruella.

Additional Fun Fact: I am also the proud own of another blog That’s Sew Jess. It is a sewing blog focused around RepliKateing with some of my own personal projects thrown in.